It is with great pleasure to let you know that the booklets are really reaching out to people’s hearts and they can identify with it. My very own sister came today and said she went through it all because she couldn’t just stop. One guy who was on the verge of suicide took a copy and he said he will read it as he is now in a mental institution being treated for depression. My receptionist asked if I could get some more copies so she can give them to others in her local church. The list is endless and we are just starting…
God is faithful and indeed enlarging the territory for His glory. It couldn’t have happened if there were no willing vessels to be used by Him,
We would like to have some more of these booklets if possible next time when you are on this side. A very big thanks to TruckFuelNet!!
My sincere regards
Isaiah 55:11 (NIV)


I would like to thank you and do appreciate the book you gave to me. You know the time “John” told me to go home. At that moment I was really down and faced a lot of things at the same time. While standing at the Bus Stop my mind was not there, so I’ve gone through the book you gave to me, read a few pages on it and after that, I was feeling much better. The time my parents were alive, they use to tell me that “son, life is full of challenges, and there’s no failure in Life. Failure only means that you still got a chance to go forward”. So I thank you again for it.


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